Should I have my reception and ceremony at the same site?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams suggests holding your ceremony and reception close together, but in separate spaces.

    Host: Should I have my reception and ceremony at the same site?

    Kay William: I would say if you want to save money do that, but if you don't and money is not an issue for you don't do that; because I find we have people on one side of the space it's friction, there is a lot friction because people running down the steps, people going here, the floor is here. What is really going on, you know, you need to have safe between things you do reception hall is here and Chapel is here, you go down the hall here, are you going to be taking pictures? Where are they going to take pictures at, is that like a big hotel, is it a small hotel. If you going to have it together you have got to have space, you have got to have space.

    You need to have somewhere that is large enough and you can actually walk down the garden or walk down the pier or you can take the pictures. That is one reason why I would say fine do it but if you don't -- because it might not suit for you don't have to go because I find it's too much confusion going on. You are trying to hurry up and do the wedding and then you are going down here and do the reception.

    It is fine if it is a big mansion somewhere, it's fine; if you want to go down here to stone (ph) mansion or you want to go to anywhere else that has two mansions or anywhere else in the whole place that you are in that has a big spot, fine, do it in the same spot, but make sure that you have enough sustainability for each place. That it is not all in one area. Like you don't have a wedding next door and you have the reception in next door and you are only going to be, don't do that.

    Get somewhere where there is going to be enough room that is going to allow you to take some wonderful pictures and your guests can mingle around. A private mansion is perfect if you want to have the same place because if you are going to have it somebody's backyard and you go on in a corner in there -- to their in-guarded garden place and no. This is the wedding, this is the day of your life, the beginning of your new life. You want somewhere that is going to allow you to be comfortable.

    I think having a reception hall and having a wedding at the same place is enough and this is a big place; I am talking about two or three acres of land and building, nice building and nice place. Don't, if it is small and you can't get anywhere and you can't get enough -- putting things around like no pictures and no nothing do not do it you know, spend a little money and do something wonderful.