Should I plan special meals, such as vegetarian, in advance?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams suggests advance planning for special dietary considerations at your reception.

    Host: Should I plan special meals such as vegetarian, in advance?

    Kay Williams: When you are planning your wedding reception, most brides don't really care. I don't have the time to worry about who will eat what. If there are your close friends you will usually know if they are vegetarian or not, but if you are considering and you think about your guests and you are going to be happy, you need to consider, "Okay set out reminders.

    " On a reminder, that I am getting married this day. Ask a question; "By the way, do you prefer this kind of meal or that kind of meal? Do you not want meat? Do you eat beet" Set out a questionnaire which comes out as a reminders. Even if you sent invitations set out a questionnaire. Ask them what they want to eat because that way you could have something like a fruit salad or a nice salad with greeneries, tomatoes, anything you want in that salad but it will actually suffice to that vegetarian. Do they have poppy at wedding or they don't eat pork, you need to know that so that you could have chicken or turkey that you can make everybody happy. The key thing about wedding reception is make the people happy. Allow them to feel a part of your event as well. People think that it is my wedding; I can do what I want, you can't, but don't you want your guests leaving your wedding say they had a wonderful time? So then have to set out a questionnaire about they like to eat. That way you can know if you are doing buffet or if you are doing dishes. You can have -- you can have the ways go around. Your reception will have little notes on the table. This is so and so's table. Then that way what does a waiter that hey, this person is - we will not serve this turkey to or this salad to, if you are going to do that way. If you are going to buffet style you could have one serving tray here with just vegetarian food or just the turkey and the pork could be on the other side. So you have to know what your guests like. It is important to hear about your guests.