Should I serve alcohol at my reception?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams discusses the pros and cons of serving alcohol at your wedding reception.

    Host: Should I serve alcohol at my reception?

    Kay Williams: Most people know at the beginning of planning a wedding if they want to serve alcohol at the reception and the key thing is; is that what you want to do, one. Number two, does reception venue allow alcohol behind those doors. Those two things determine what you want to do when it comes to alcohol. I think it's nice to serve drinks at reception because people get happy and they drink. They are more relaxed. I am not saying that should we fall all over place. I am say that if you have a bar and the bar is regulated by a staff then people will be happy when they get good drinks they will be happy. It seems like a better environment when you do have a bar and you do have drinks. People get relaxed, get laid back a little bit, but if you don't want to do that and you want not to have alcohol, maybe someone who has a drinking problem and they are a close friend of your family. You don't want to tempt them; you know it will concern you. They have to come, they are like your uncle or aunt or a cousin, whatever. They don't have it because there are other people who would less like the food. If you serve to someone food that don't eat turkey but they would like pork or they like to eat turkey, you have to know that the person would be uncomfortable. So it all depends on what you feel inside, one. Number two, the person if the place that you are going to hire.