Should I sign a contract with my wedding officiant?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rev. Bill Cochran of Say “I Do” Your Way advises signing a contract with your officiant to prevent any miscommunication.

    Host: Should I sign a contract with my wedding officiant? Bill Cochran: When I first started out, just coming out of Pastor of Ministry I didn't even know about contracts and felt like, Well this is the kind of thing where I can trust people in. I have number of people saying, Well, you shouldn't trust anybody. But I am happy to report that in all the years I have been doing this, I have never had a problem. Still, I do make sure I get a contract signed. Not that I am going to take anybody to court or go after illegally, I go after someone. It helps me in my organization process. It's very, very good for the bride and groom, you know exactly what you have agreed to, there is no sudden fees coming in and it is something that can be binding for you up through the day of your wedding. So yes, I think it's a great idea to sign a contract and if your officiant doesn't provide one, you should at least write something down and get them to sign it as far as price, what your expectations are on rehearsal and some of the other things having to do with your wedding ceremony.