Should I tell a head hunter how much I need to make?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra discusses if you should tell a headhunter how much you need to make.

    Host: Should I tell a headhunter how much I need to make?

    Karen James Chopra: Headhunters are the one group of people that you want to tell what you make or what your expectations are. The way headhunters are compensated is they are given a percentage of your first year salary. So their incentives are to get you to the most salary that they can from the job because that determines what their compensation is as well. They have been hired by the company to do screening of candidates and so they really do need to know what your salary expectations are and you can be very upfront with them to say, "Up until now I have made a 150 but if I am going to be moving into this arena, I am going to be looking for a jump to 175 to the 200 range and I am not going to be considering positions less than that," and the headhunter needs to know that in order to present the side of candidates, the headhunters knows -- will take the position at the salary offered and so that's why headhunters are little bit in an unusual situation when it comes to salary. They are the only place where you are prepared to talk about salary numbers because for the headhunter they would like you to get a good salary too, so they are somebody who is working in favor of your goals.