Should I use automatic or manual focus settings on my camera?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Photographer Jenny Berman discusses the basics of photography including the differences between automatic and manual exposure settings.

    Jenny Berman

    I have been a professional photographer for over twelve years. Since the ninth grade, the support of friends, family, and mentors opened a door to a different world, one behind a lens. My first inspiration was Jerry Uelsmann. Uelsmann is a photo-surrealist from the 60’s before the advent of digital art. He used multiple enlargers, hours of darkroom time, and perfected a unique style. His innovation and mastery of technique still drive me today. I learned my craft at The School of Visual Arts in New York City, where I studied with the finest photographers and printers in the world. Through Robert Frank, Anne Leibovitz, and many other established photographers and organizations, I learned the many factors that comprise a perfect photograph; subject, lighting, the finished print, and of course the person behind it all. In July of 2002 I ventured on my own, and started Ashton Imaging Inc. With pride, I bring every photograph to life, and am able to send clients home with much more than a print; I present my clients with a story and an idea or value they never noticed. I bring my photographs and your photographs together and preserve the chronicles of your life.

    Host: Should I use automatic or manual exposure settings on my camera?

    Jenny Berman: As far as focusing goes you have two options, you can manually focus or you can automatic focus. The point-and-shoots are pretty much all automatic, you can move the box around but they are pretty self-explanatory. As far as a SLR goes, automatic focus is a great thing for everyday use, for spots photography because things are moving so quickly, you want to be able to _press halfway down and you want to just to focus on its own. The only time I flip it into manual focus is, if I m photographing macro which means, up-close flowers, bees that are just sitting there on that pretty rose, anything up-close, wedding rings, flipping in to manual because that way I can get a depth of field what I wanted.