Should music be played during the meal at my reception?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams advises low-volume music during the meal.

    Host: Should music be played during the meal, at my reception?

    Kay Williams: If you are going to have music playing at your reception and your guests are there, yes, it is okay to have mellow music or have the volume down, something - just a musical tone, no singing, maybe some instruments, maybe a violin, something soft. Soft music in background because there is all -- people get comfort when they listen to music for some reason, they look comforted, they are happy; but yes, music in the background is always good, because it can turned up.

    Make sure that your DJ has a volume button that can be operated. It does not have to be one volume. Make sure he can tone it down, tone it up. Again, go back to your DJ, know your DJ, and know your music. Pick it before you even get to that point. Have an understanding.