Should my reception and ceremony site be near each other?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams explains why it’s important to hold your ceremony and reception at sites close together.

    Host: Should my reception and ceremony site be near each other?

    Kay Williams: Yes, the reception hall should be close to the ceremony, because you never know what can happen. It is planned perfectly, everything is going fine, maybe the floral have -- the truck broke down, the tire got flat, or something happened with the caterer. Maybe you have the on-site decorations done for both places, which is the reception hall and the ceremony with the same florist, and they have -- they have time things. Maybe they charge you extra for time. They charge you extra for two site decorations. So you want to minimize your cost by having everything in the same area, so everyone could be together and on a timely fashion, that's the key time, save time. Not only that, your guests can get lost. If it is five miles outside of your wedding ceremony, they get lost. If there was a highway in between, they won't follow. The whole thing is having your guests inside the hall, reception hall, and facing you when you come in. You don't want them coming in right behind you or while you are walking in, you don't want to do that, so you want to have a place, which is reception hall, and the ceremony located near so you could save time, and then what would be their own time.