Should students take a second visit during the spring prior to selecting a college?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    College counselor Jerome A. Cole, MA discusses the importance of taking a second visit to the college after a student has been accepted to a school.

    Speaker: Should students take a second visit during the spring prior to selecting a college?

    Jerome Cole: I think a second visit is critical. I think it's imperative that you go back, during the spring of your senior year after you have been admitted and go and take that visit. For some kids it will be a second, maybe even a third visit, for some kids it maybe their first visit. I don't see how anyone could decide where they want to live for the next four years of their life; where they want to study; who they want to be with; who they want to live with; who they want to eat with; without actually having gone and seen it firsthand. I think that in addition of visiting, if there is any possible that you should try and setup an overnight, ask the school to assign you a sponsor, so you get an opportunity to live in a college dorm, to eat in a cafeteria, to sit in on a class, to go to a social event, to go off campus, taking a movie, to a sporting event; whatever it is that you are interested in. I think it is critical that students do that and the spring is a great time to do and think about it. You know the whether is great; everybody is out and about. There is all kinds of activities; you really get a sense of what the school is about in the spring and so I think that families at this point, they just have to figure out a way to get their kids back on campus during the spring after they have been admitted, so that they can experience all these things first hand. It's then and only then that I really believe that a kid is in the position to say this is the choice that I want to make for college.