Should we consider what we have in common and what’s the same about us?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Founder of Perfect Partners Gloria McDonald explains how individuals are matched by similarities and differences.
    Host: Should we consider what we have in common and what's the same about us? Gloria MacDonald: One of the things that I think we should think about if we are getting involved in any relationship but especially, a relationship where there is a difference of race or a difference of culture is what do we have in common. What's the same about us and really go through a list of not just things we like to do like do we like to golf, do we like to ski, do we like to listen to the same kinds of music, but think at a deeper level. You want to think about all those things, but you also want to think at a deeper level in terms of go back to those four things and you say, "Do we look the same? " That's simple, you can say yes or no. Do we sound the same? Again, that's pretty simple. Although, don't overlook the nuances. If you are from different races, but you both grew up in the same country maybe the same neighborhood do you still use different lingo or are there different things that are acceptable to you to say that your partner thinks you shouldn't say. Does one partner swear and another partner doesn't? Whatever it is, think about those things. Do we act the same? What are the traditions and what are the things you do versus what your partner does and do we think the same. We really go through that list and understand where are you the same and what do you have in common.