Should women being pursuing men?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses why men hunt, including whether or not women should be pursuing men.

    Speaker: Should women be pursuing men?

    Gloria MacDonald: So we have determined that men are hunting the way they used to; they are not going to be serious aggressors in this dating game now. So does that mean should women be pursuing men? The answer to that is no; they shouldn't be pursuing men, but we can't play hard to get. If you are playing this game of I am not going to go out with a man if he calls me Wednesday night or after for the weekend. He has to call me before Wednesday night or I am going to say yes to his invitation. If you are playing that game or if you are playing the game of well, after he calls I am going to wait at least 48-hours before I call him back. Forget it, you are playing too hard to get and those games just don't work because frankly, there are greener pastures out there and men can move on because there are a lot more great single females then there are single males. The statistics are just the statistics. So what I highly, highly encourage women to do is let the man know and know in certain terms that you are interested in seeing him again. So let's say you have just met a man for the first time and you have enjoyed meeting him and you would like to see him again, at the end of the evening let him know, say, you know what, I really enjoyed meeting you. Please don't hesitate to call me again; it will be fun to get together and I also highly recommend to the women that she phone him or email him the next day and thank him. If he paid for the drinks, he paid for the coffee or he paid for the dinner, it's just common courtesy to phone him and thank him and let him know how much you enjoyed meeting him and again say, I'd love to see you again or please don't hesitate to call me again; it will be fun to see you. Let him know that it's okay for him to make the next move, which is very different from you being the aggressor and you are going after him and asking him out.