Should you be completely honest when breaking up?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Toni Coleman recommends sharing feelings honestly during a breakup.

    Host: Should you be honest when breaking-up?

    Toni Coleman:I think when people talk about letting people down easily, they are really thinking in terms of letting themselves down easily. If we are not honest on some level with somebody we are going to leave them with hope, we are going to leave them with the sense perhaps that it was their fault, or that there was something that they did or they didn't do or something that they could have changed. So I think this is very important to let them down easily but in an honest way. Again, it's that offering enough information, answering some questions, letting them know through the way you treat them, through respect that they were important to you. That they are somebody that you are trying to say goodbye to in a way that will help them to get closer and beyond that, there really isn't thing that you can do to change how difficult this for them.