Simon Malls – Dadeland and the Falls

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Here are two of Miami Florida’s most premier shopping destinations, boasting some of the largest retail stores from top names in the country.

    Miami is renowned for its tropical treasure trove of trend setting passions and great values, and shoppers with all taste and budgets return time and time again to enjoy the wide range of offering at Simon Property Group's The Falls & Dadeland in Miami International Malls.

    A visit at Dadeland mall offers a full day of adventure.

    Male speaker: Dadeland Mall is centrally located in the hub of south Florida. We're a melting part of cultures; we receive shoppers here from around the world. Female Speaker: This landmark destination is considered a premier shopping centre. One of the largest outdoor shopping destinations in Florida, The Falls features one level shopping and it's just stunning backdrop. Female Speaker2: One of the main features is a one million gallon waterscape that runs through the entire centre and it's surrounded by beautiful lush tropical gardens. So your shopping experience becomes very therapeutic and relaxing.

    Female Speaker: Anchored by Macy's south Miami's Bloomingdale's a 12-screen movie theatre and more than 95 stores, The Falls offers one-stop shopping, complete the top notch customer service. At Miami International Mall fashion forward locals business professionals and families will find everything they needed more. It's no wonder this mall is that go to locale for a one-stop shopping. All three malls are conveniently located just a quick jaunt from downtown Miami.

    When you're looking for a true shopping adventure, filled with designer fashions, great deals, and family-friendly entertainment then the Simon Property Group's The Falls & Dadeland Miami International Malls are sure to please. Female Speaker3: I definitely think that the variety of the stores is a lot better than the other malls have to offer.

    Female Speaker4: Yeah and it has Hollister here so.