Simple Cornbread Stuffing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Arra Lawson demonstrates how to make this classic side with a twist.

    Arra Lawson: Today we are making a warm Cornbread Stuffing, one of my absolute all time favorites for any holiday menu. Let's begin. First, we are adding oil to our pan, nice medium high flame. I am going to use wholesome carrots. So here is our celery and some onions, all chopped. Little bit of butter, we want to add garlic, some oregano, salt and pepper always in everything. We are going to now add bacon, let that cook all they way through. Let's add some of our Cremini mushrooms now.

    I wish you could smell this; your guests are going to love it and you should always have fun, when you are cooking. You should always think of it in terms of instead of being a chore, oh I got to cook this, like oh I am ready to cook this; it's going to take about five minutes to really get these mushrooms cooked in. This is exactly what you want to see, everything is nice and tender, fantastic.

    So we will now go ahead and add our corn bread mix, mix with bread of choice, I have used Focaccia today, it's sliced up but again you could always use whatever bread you have in the house. Mix those two right into a mixing bowl. Here is the most important part of this. Mix it evenly, so all the flavors are in there. I have here a broth, you want to make sure this broth is warm when you add it. Add a little chives for color, then we are going to go right to our castor oil dish, spray it like a pan spray just so that it doesn't stick.

    You go right into an oven at 350 degrees, this will take about half an hour, cover with a little bit of aluminum foil. It will keep it from getting too much colored and brown on top to about 20 minutes into the process; take the aluminum foil lid off. Allow to get a good crisp on top and it will be just fine. And that is your warm cornbread mushroom stuffing.