Simple Digital Photography

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will go over how to take digital photographs. It will also show you how to edit and share your photos.

    Michael Stewart: Hi! I am Michael Stewart. I am a commercial photographer of more than 20 years of experience and a digital photography expert. I am here to show you simple, fast, fun digital photography. In today's video, we will cover types of cameras, features to look for and use in a digital camera. File formats like jpeg, tif, camera settings, when and how to make adjustments to your camera for the correct exposure. File management, how to download and save files for the long term. Color management, how to get that really crisp correct color on your images? Editing images for size, sharpness, cropping, photo-sharing on sites like Smugmug and Flicker and emailing and building galleries of your images. The equipment you will need is a digital camera, a computer, and an internet connection for sharing your images. I started in photography with a manual camera. Where you set your shutter, aperture, focus, film speed, you set everything yourself. Today's digital cameras have a lot of this automated for you. But it is still important to know what that automation is doing to make good images. Also the work flow is much easier with a computer than it ever was with the dark room. Once you know the basics of digital photography, it can be simple, fast and fun. So let's get started.