Simple Ways To Maintain A Healthy Weight

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pam O’Brien, Executive Editor of FITNESS Magazine with the help of the Grain Foods Foundation, discusses a few easy ways to maintain a healthy weight.

    Pam O'Brien: Hi! I am Pam O'Brien, Executive Editor of Fitness Magazine. Today I am going to discuss a few easy ways to maintain a healthy weight.

    Staying at a healthy weight means exercise regularly and maintaining a balance between the grains, protein, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats you eat. Combine all of these things into your meals and snacks and you will feel satisfied and stay fuller longer.

    Dr. Glenn Gaesser from the Grain Foods Foundation shares his insights on maintaining a healthy weight.

    Dr. Glenn Gaesser: One thing to note when it comes to healthy weight is the importance of maintenance and avoiding constant ups and downs known in the scientific literature as weight cycling, often the result of yo-yo dieting.

    This fluctuation can actually lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and decreased levels of good cholesterol. Not to mention, it's a key predictor a future weight gain.

    Believe it or not, research shows that the more times you have gone on a diet; the more likely you are to gain weight again in the future. This reinforces the need for consistently eating well, not going back and forth between a healthful and less healthful regiment.

    In addition researchers of the University of Rhode Island found that it took people 20% longer to finish foods that high in fiber, because you have to chew them longer. Those extra minutes spend chewing give your brain time to register that you are full before you eat too much.

    Try adding cooked orzo or barley to soups and salads, make your sandwiches on rye bread and munch on popcorn or granola bar between meals.

    And you have probably heard about celebrities using gluten free diets as a method for weight loss. However, gluten free does not necessarily equate to fewer calories or weight loss in fact many gluten free products have more added sugars and fats then their gluten containing counter parts.

    Grain foods are important to minting a healthy weight and even those who have celiac disease don't need to steer completely clear of grains. There are many delicious gluten free grain including quinoa, brown rice and millet.

    Pam O'Brien: Here are a few more tips to follow to maintain a healthy weight. Opt for whole grain bread pasta and cereal which have lots of vitamins minerals and fiber which helps slim down your tummy.

    In a recent study people who ate more fiber had less of the dangerous belly fat that had been linked to diabetes and heart disease than those who ate less fiber. Watch your portion sizes, food portions have increased dramatically and research shows that we consistently underestimate how many calories we're consuming each day by 25%.

    A good guideline for gauging desperate portion sizes is to translate the serving size into something visual that's easily remembered. For example, a single serving of pasta is about the size of one scoop of ice-cream. Snacks such as pretzels and chips should be about the size of a cup hand full. Meat fish or poultry is the size of your palm. A single serving of veggies or fruit is about the size of your fist.

    Don't let one slip up sabbatize your healthy eating plan. People don't gain weight from one diet lapse, but rather from how they respond to it. Instead of feeling like a failure and giving up, set one specific positive goal for the next day like eating the recommended six servings of grains than carry on as usual. You will be surprised how accomplishing one simple thing can put you back on the track for success.

    And those are some smart ideas for maintaining a healthy weight.