Simplify Interior Design With A Shopping List

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home design expert Sherry Tyra discusses how to simplify decorating by making a shopping list of your necessities.

    Sherry Tyra: Any decorating project starts with an idea, but to ensure a successful outcome, it's imperative to have a detailed and organized plan. I'm going to show you how to put together a home design shopping list, that'll make your next decorating project a snap.

    First and foremost take measurements. Draw an outline of your room on graph paper and note where all the windows and doors are located. You may also want to make note of outlets and switches. This helps when figuring a furniture layout for your room as well as the placement of televisions, mirrors or artwork.

    Measure each window inside and out. This is especially important when selecting window treatments. Look to magazines, online vendors, decorating sites and even model homes to provide inspiration for your next decorating project.

    Collect samples of your favorite paints, fabrics, flooring and wallpaper and put them together to see how they interact with each other. Once you decide which items to purchase, place your samples in a binder, this can easily be taken with you when you shop.

    Finally, make a shopping list of the items you need to purchase. I find it helps to list the items by the stores you'll be purchasing from; home improvement, linens, furniture etcetera. It helps to organize yourself when you visit each store.

    By having your design shopping list and your inspiration binder in hand, it'll save you a lot of headaches, time and confusion when shopping for your next design project. A shopping list will also keep you on track allowing you to quickly and easily achieve the room of your dreams.