Simply Decadent Romantic Dessert

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn how to prepare Coeur à la Crème with expert Chef Patrick O’Connell from The Inn at Little Washington.

    Patrick O'Connell: We are going to show you a wonderful, simple, French desert Coeur a la Crme or Heart of the Cream which is the most perfect thing you could imagine to serve on Valentine's Day. The mascarpone cheese is whipped with a little confectioner sugar, lightened with whipped cream. We are going to take one and quarter cups of liquid cream and put that in a mixer, flavored with a little Chambord or Black Raspberry liquor and placed in to a Cheesecloth lined heart shaped mould with little holes in the bottom, placed in the refrigerator over night so that the cheese firms up and can be un-molded on a plate in a perfect shape of a heart. It's then sauced with a little puree of Raspberry sauce or Strawberries whichever you have must be red to emphasize the pure heart of the cream, and you might want to garnish with a little fresh mint and it can be done in a large mould or small mould or a huge buffet of little hearts. And that's all there is to it, and people will remember it forever. Happy Valentine's Day.