Sit Down Fitness Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal trainer Chuck Morris provides tips and techniques to work out while you sit.

    Chuck Morris: If you are having trouble staying active because of your age, obesity or other physical issues, there is a fitness routine for you. Here are few exercises that you can do while sitting down.

    First is the chest fly; this targets the chest and shoulders area. Make sure you pick a weight you can handle and slowly move your arms up and down focusing on your chest.

    Next is the bicep curl; by completing a curl, make sure you keep your chest up, shoulders back and let your arms open up all the way before you curl it back.

    The overhead press will help you work your shoulders and upper back. And finally the upright crunch. Core strengthening is crucial to a healthy body, so you want to make sure you do at least 25 repetitions for four sets.

    And don't forget about your diet, if you are trying to produce more muscle a highly protein eating plan is necessary. So include items like chicken and fish. You can also try protein supplements such as PROESS.

    So just because you need to sit to work out, it doesn't mean you can't read the benefits of an effective weight training program. Good luck!