Skateboarding Ramp Trick – Blunt to Fakie

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to do the skateboard trick, the blunt to fakie, using a ramp.

    Joey Fitzpatrick : Hi, I am Joey Fitzpatrick, teaching advanced skateboard techniques. We are going to learn blunt to fakies. If you guys got pivot to fakies, another good skateboarding trick that a lot of people have is the blunt to fakie.

    Now it's the same basics as the pivot to fakie, is you go up on the back and you came in fakie, but instead of going on your truck, you are just going to get your back wheels up like that and you are come out of the ramp, or you are going to come back in. What you are going to want to do is put the ball of your foot in the middle of your tail. When you do this and you ride up, push a little bit forward on your front and then once you push forward use that momentum to come back in on the ball of your foot on the tail and you will pop right back in fakie.

    The biggest thing about this is to not hang up your front truck. Make sure your front wheels come down over the coping or you are going to hang up and it's going to be bad. So, just remember push forward, the ball of your foot on the tail, pop in and you should be good to go, right without the fakie.

    After blunt to fakies you are going to be coming in backwards, I am going to teach you what to do there the next skateboard trick, fakie smith.