Skateboarding Ramp Trick – Fakie Smith

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to do the skateboarding trick, the fakie smith, using a ramp.

    Joey Fitzpatrick: Joey Fitzpatrick, we are learning advanced skateboard techniques. This is the Fakie Smith. Alright, so once you got the Pivot to Fakies and the Blunt to Fakies down, you are going to be coming up the other side of wall Fakie and I don't want you to freak out because you are going to be backwards doing stuff. So, here is a useful skateboard trick a lot of people do, it's called the Fakie Smith.

    What you are going to want to do is just - you are coming up fakie from a blunt or pivot, you are going to turn -- you are going to pivot on your front. Put all your weight on what is now your front is your back foot and you are going to pivot around like that and you are going to push your front foot which is now your back foot into the coping and just let your back come up and rest. And then once you get out, all you are going to do is give it a nudge on the front and you should just come right back into regular.

    It is useful for getting your stances back to regular and good for lines and all that stuff. So just remember push forward on your front foot that's now your back and then just come back in to regular. After Fakie Smiths, you are going to have to link all that stuff together. I am going to teach you the skateboard trick Front Side 5-0.