Skateboarding Ramp Trick – Front Side 5-0

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to do the skateboarding trick, the front side 5-0, using a ramp.

    Joey Fitzpatrick: Joey Fitzpatrick, this is advanced skateboard techniques and this is the Front Side 5-0. A useful trick if you are going to do mini ramp lines is the Front Side 5-0. You are trying to just cruise it and that to back and forth tricks, this is the essential skateboarding trick you have to have. What you are going to want to do is come up front side at a slight angle, not completely up and down perpendicularly to the coping but at slight angle and you are going to lean back, get your back truck, your back wheel over the coping not like -- you can do it this way but it's not going to look as good and you are not going to have as much control. So, you are going to want to lean back to your tail, touches the top of deck coping part. You are going to lean back and you can give it a little turn if you want to, it makes the coming in easier or you can just hold it like that.

    It is usually a pretty simple lock-in because it's on a circular flat plane. You will just lock in and as you are pushing down on the back, you should just coast across like that and then you can just - it's pretty simple to come back in, just lean on your front. Make sure you do not turn too much in or you could lock up like that. So it's a pretty simple -- riding across, lock in, push down, coast across and come back in a regular.

    Alright, once you have got all these skateboard tricks together you can start putting together all your mini ramp lines and it's all you from there.