Skateboarding Street Trick – Backside Heel & Flip

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to do the skateboarding trick, the backside heel and flip, on the street.

    Hi! joey Fitzpatrick, we are learning Advance skateboard techniques. This is the Backside Kick flip and Backside Heel Flip. Backside kick Flips, Backside frontslide Flips, these are usually the skateboard trick you go to right after you learn Heelflips and Kickflips. You need to just combine in a 180s tricky learn right after the ollie. Basically, what you are doing is just flip like an ollie, you know, just on the tail heel, pop it and once you pop it, you flip it like a Kickflip and just are going to Spain your body, and it will sail because it is the same direction and you just sail it that way. Spider landing you are going to be right backwards so you are going to have know that's common and you just try catch it balls in a right way.

    Backside Heelflip, same thing with the Back Flip and that put you in front Heel flip position put it like why between you pinky toe your foot right in front of the bolts, but this is a little bit higher because Heelflips flips small so you are going to want to pop it, Kick out like kind of an usually Back Heels you catch about 90, because you pop in up so high and just bring it around spider landing rather Faking and street trick simple you just have to practice being it and it is pretty simple .

    After you get this street skateboarding tricks down you are going to want to do some more advance stuff and this is the 360 Flip.