Skateboarding Street Trick – Varial Flip

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to do the skateboarding trick, the varial flip, on the street.

    Hi! I am Joey Fitzpatrick, this is Advance Skateboard techniques. We go some street tricks today. This is going to be the Varial kick forth. First environment you get, you kick flips and you pop shuvit it's out of way. You do not have to start combining stuff to make your own stuff so, this is the Varial Kick Flip and what you are going to want to do basically is back forth like a pop shuvit so you close are going to be hang off to a tail little bit like that and that is going to be a second board, shuvit when you pop.

    Front Flip like you kick Flip and your Flip is just going to close that like Varial Flip and you guys are going to do with the same time so it just give the pop and it's going to send it that way and as you pop it it's going to come off about right here where your board's nose starts to form and it is just going to flip like that spider landing, do not Flick it too hard just find a nice video place to doing. Do it.

    After the Varial Kick Flip you are going to want to step in up a little bit. You working a Varial Heel Flips skateboarding trick.