Skateboarding Street Trick – Varial Heel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to do the skateboarding trick, the varial heel, on the street.

    Hi! I am joey Fitzpatrick, learning Advance Skateboard techniques. And you are going to do some Street tricks. This is Varial Heel Flip. This once is little harder because heel Flip and it takes a little bit more time to flip in the air and just kick in, kick foot does and instead of doing a pop shuvit you are going to have to do front side pop shuvit which is a little bit harder and takes a little more time to spin.

    So, instead of put in your toss off a little bit on your tail here. you are going to put it, like, in the middle. So, like the ball of your foot in the middle and you just that's going to shuvit in this way so you are going to push it like that.

    The Heel Flip part is the little harder, you do not have to put your foot a little like Heel Flip position but a little bit lower and as soon as you pop, you are going to have that kick it. Like straight out and little catch around the nose and then it will just flip it like that, and you will land it. This once really hard and it takes a while, so you are just going to want to practice all the time and just get your flip right and just stay about it, give it time to flip and you should land it.

    After the Varial Heel Flip you are going to want to spin little bit so we are going to teach you more skateboarding tricks, back slide, Kick Flips and Heel Flips.