Ski Technological Development

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ryan Sasse with Ski Chalet discusses how to purchase new ski equipment including new ski technological developments.

    Hi! I am Ryan Sasse with Ski Chalet in Arlington, Virginia. Today, we are talking about how to purchase new ski equipment. But first, we are going to start with ski technological development. First, as you can see, this is a more traditional straight ski that as you can see is much longer and straighter throughout the ski. What we are seeing on these days has a lot more shape to it. You can see, wider up at the tip, slightly narrower at the waist and a little bit wider in the tail. What this is going to do, the shape is going to offer you much better control because it's certainly shorter than your more traditional straight ski, because the ski has more shape and is a little bit wider throughout. It enables you to come down in length and gives you more control. The side cut, which is also created by the shape because it's wider at the tip and narrower under foot, will also give lot more control. The shape can also designate where you are going to be skiing. You can get into a ski that's a little bit wider throughout which is going to be much better for deeper conditions or better snow. Getting into something even wider, is just your straight big powder ski, this is going to be great for the days when you get huge amounts of snow, that are not unexpected, or if you are just going out West, we generally run into better conditions. Now we will take a quick look at some of the change that you may notice in ski boots. First, as you can see, we have got buckles that do rotate for much better, more fine fit in the boot. Also, you have got a much more plush and comfortable liner to the boot which is going to enable your comfort and better control of the boot as well. And just to know overall better design for the boots and for better support while you are skiing. Now that we have talked about some of the technological differences and changes in ski technology, we are going to go straight to purchasing your new set of ski equipment.