Skiing – Walking Uphill – Bull Fighters Turn

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tomas Sbertoli, Director of Snow Sports at Wintergreen Resort, demonstrates how to walk up hill on skis.

    fTomas Sbertoli: Hi! my I am Tomas Sbertolii. We're here at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia, and I am showing the basics of skiing. The next thing we're going to do on our progression is, walk back up the hill. We can't just turn and face up the hill and walk like we would have when we were in street shoes.

    We got to think about the fact that our skis want to glide and even if we are facing up the hill, that will leave us gliding backwards down the hill, and that's not very comfortable for people who are just starting out.

    So, we want to side step, and it's just a soft, small, easy step from one ski to the other. As the hill starts to push up, then I want to stay on a flat ski and have that ski slide up from underneath me, I simply roll my skis under a little bit more of an edge, and use the ski's edge to push of up and step up the hill.

    If I feel like that has kind of catch my balance, I can use my poles to maintain balance as I walk up the hill here. Once I've got far enough up of the hill, I need to get myself in a position where I can face down the hill without going anywhere and get ready before I start moving. That move is called the Bull Fighter's Turn and the Bull Fighter's Turn is placing your hands on top of the pole, extending our arms straight down the hill and locking out the elbows so that our weight is supported in the pole, and so that as we turn, those small steps again, we don't end up kicking our own poles.

    Once I've got myself here, I need to step myself out into that wedge, so that I can pick up my poles and not go anywhere until I am ready, and this is the ready position. The next thing we'll discuss is the wedge change job.