Skimboarding Drills for Beginners

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Skimboarding Expert Morgan Just demonstates skimboarding drills for beginners.

    Morgan Just: Hi! My name is Morgan Just with Victoria Skimboards. I am teaching how to skimboard today. Right now, we are going over a few drills to make you a better skimboarder.

    One of the things you want to learn is get down the beach really helps to stretch, keep you from getting injuries, so yo want to do it. We'll stretch like this where you touch your toes. We'll stretch like this where you stretch out this part of your muscle, we are on the other side.

    I like the way on my back sometimes, reach up, stretch this part. See, I like to stretch, stretch my calves, dig a little hole in the sand, get my calf muscles. I like to grab my leg, stretch this part of my muscle, stretch my back a little bit like that, loosen up. Maybe even go for a jog, jog up and down the beach a little bit. This will go maybe first, second umbrella, just get the blood warmed up. Then, go out and try and get a couple of waves.

    So another drill that we want to do is skip back, so we can practice a back foot, front foot drop on dry sand. So when I get back here, get a little runway going. You want to put your back foot and then your front foot. So if you're regular foot, right foot, left foot, leave the board right there, it's good practice. So let's go.

    Goofy foot, left foot, right foot. Do that maybe ten times before you bring it to the water, just so that you get used to it. Get some practice down, feel the board underneath your feet, feel your weight centered, feel everything you need to know, bring it to the water until you get that down.

    Some other things that help you with skimboarding is like if you have an Indo Board. It's a board with a -- it's a regular board like this, but it's made of wood, and it's specifically there to help you learn your balance.

    It's got a big wheel underneath it. You stand on it and just use balance. If you don't have an Indo Board, just grab a skateboard and practice manually, that's where you ride on just two wheels and it gets your balance really secure and you can bring that back to a skimboard, really, really helps your skimboarding a lot, if you skateboard and do manuals a lot.

    Now, we have done a lot of the basic drills, we are going to move onto tricks. So I am going to teach you a couple of tricks right now.