Skimboarding Locations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Skimboarding Expert Morgan Just discusses skimboarding locations.

    Morgan Just: Hi! My name is Morgan Just. I'm with Victoria Skimboards. I'm teaching you how to skimboard and now we're going to talk about location.

    First thing with location is if you're a beginner, I would choose a flatter beach, just to get all your balance and everything down without having to charge into giant waves that you really don't want to charge into when you're first starting out.

    So, once you find a good flat beach, make sure there are no rocks in the way, make sure the conditions are right for you, you don't want windy conditions, because it will blow your board away. These are really light, easily blown away. Once the board blows away, you step on the wrong spot, you fall. So, no winds, no rocks in the way, no shells. You want to make sure the beach in your runway is clear of shells.

    Once you get your balance down, you learn how to drop the board, you know how to do little tricks, 360s and stuff, you want to bump it up to riding waves, what you want to find when you ride waves, the steeper beach.

    You want one with maybe a slope about like that and nice curling, tubing waves that are coming down the shore, breaking right on shore. You don't want ones that are troughing up or the wave that just kind of sits there like this and then flattens out, you want one with the nice tube.

    So, picking your beach like that is really good. Trying to get on like a message board or something or ask to find the right beach that's got a steep slope and then you can find a good wave to hit. Just ask around people, usually locals or other skimboarders will tell you where a good beach is to find that.

    When you started learning how to ride waves and ride on steeper beaches, you're going to want to worry about the tides a little more. It's a little break, I'm sure it will be different, and each break is different, but the way the tides work, some are good with low tides, some are at high.

    Now, that's how you choose your location. Next, we're going to talk about safety considerations.