Skimming Drywall Patches

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Drywall expert Mark McClain demonstrates his top tips for repairing drywall in your home, including how to skim drywall patches.

    Hi, my name is Mark McClain. Now, we are going to get ready to show you how to skim the patches. We are going to go back and show you like we did the first time we fixed these dried wall nail pops. I am going to go back and put another coat on that drywall on top of those, one at a time. This is a different product, this is vinyl and this is the final mud that we have put on our patches today. We are going to go ahead and put the mud right back over the top when the mud that has already been basecoat is already dry. Now, this would be a finish coat. I am going to go ahead and just put the mud right back on and we are going to take it right back off. We try not to build this up too much because then we are going to see this patch coming through the existing texture so, that is why we put the mud on and take it right back off. If you keep putting the mud over the top and leaving it heavy, it is going to actually show when you go to paint. The same thing, we are going to go back through and we are going to skim over the patches that we have done earlier. So, you can see this coat is a different type of mud, more creamy and smooth, it comes pre-mixed in the box and we will leave for a nice, smooth, finish. These come actually in small pales, pre-mixed pales. You can buy smaller variety pales as well. This is just a vinyl coat. Basically, it is just a finish mud. It is definitely the finish mud. Then, again, you want to make sure that you are still working on a nice, clean surface and making sure that this area is well protected. The other one will bleed through the paint, so, it is like a chemical mud. It will bleed through the paint and this one will not bleed though the paint. It is probably, the advantages of using this one. In our next clip, we are going to show you how to do some texturing.