Sleek Bun Hairstyle – Parting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Ali Barrett from Beau Totale Salon and Spa, demonstrate how to create a sleek bun including how to properly part the hair.

    Alley Barrett: Hi! I am Alley Barrett with Beau Totale Salon and Spa. This is Michele, she is going to be joining me today on showing you how to do the sleek bun. First, we are going to be using our metal Rattail comb. Depending upon, if you have Calix in your hair or not, if you have Calix, I like to start with wet hair, it's easier for me, to kind of smooth down those Calix and leave more of a sleek, smoother finish. Either sides you like, you can either do an Aline parting, which is kind of a slanted part or if you prefer straight back, you can do that as well. Smoothing down the hair with the comb, you are going to take from the end of the parting to the back of the ear, section that out. This is section one. Using a clip, clip that out of the way, keeps it easier to separate it. Just like on the first side, from the end of where the parting is, to the back of the ear, this is section two. The rest of this you are going keep smoothing back, that is section three. Clipping that out of the way. This just kind of helps out keeping it smooth and keeping that Aline part in there when you are going to bring this back. Next I am going to be showing you how you can tuck the sides and criss cross them underneath to keep a nice secure pony tail before the bun. Next I'll show you how to secure your sections underneath the pony tail before we place the bun.