Sleek Bun Hairstyle – Securing Sections

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Ali Barrett from Beau Totale Salon and Spa, demonstrate how to create a sleek bun including how to properly secure the sections of the hair.

    Ali Barrett: Hi, I am Ali Barrett with Beau Totale Salon and Spa. Joining me today, is Michele. I am going to be showing you how to style your hair in a sleek bun. With this section I am going to be showing you how to fasten section one and section two behind and underneath of the pony tail. We are going to use a natural bristle brush, keep smoothing section three using an aerosol dry hair spray. My personal favorite is Aveda's Air control. You want to use the air flow of the hair spray in the direction that you are going to be brushing the hair to keep down all the fly aways. I'd like to use one hand to secure the pony tail using the other to brush and smooth. The aerosol dry hair spray allows you to be able to mold and still work with the hair, so it doesn't leave a stiff feeling. Depending upon, if you want the pony tail over towards the side, either/or or in the middle is completely up to you.

    Using a rubber band, fasten the pony tail beneath, once again the direction of the hair spray in the way that you are brushing the hair just keeps from the fly aways. Now we are onto section two, fastening section two underneath the back of the pony tail. First, aerosol hair spray, spraying it in the direction that you are smoothing the hair, you can never spray too much of the dry hair's aerosol hair spray. Smoothing, depending upon if you have bangs or not or if you want to leave them out. If you would like to leave them out you can place them down like this as you smooth this towards the back or partially put them in with it leave them kind of out. What I am going to do is smooth them back along with the hair.

    Keep using the natural bristle brush smoothing out all the ripples, keeping it nice and smooth. I like to spray as I am going, as I am brushing towards the back, just ensures that you have all those fly aways. Smooth underneath and towards the top, as you are brushing you kind of want to move the section towards the back. When you get little breaks or anything with the hair, once again take your hair spray and spray the way you are brushing. Just like in section three, keep one hand holding this secure the other smoothing. After you have smoothed it out, you are just going to keep pulling the hair back towards the nape of the head. Taking a bobby pin, you are going to fasten section two under the pony tail, keeping it nice and smooth. Securing with a bobby pin, you want to kind of hide it underneath of the pony tail. You are going to be doing the same thing to section one, smoothing back, fastening under the pony tail and securing with a bobby pin. To ensure a tight, secure pony tail, you are going to criss cross the bobby pins in the back and that just ensures that they are nice and locked in there. Using the hair spray, finish off with just a little bit to smooth down any other fly aways. Keeping the direction of the hair spray in the way that you are smoothing the hair. Next we will see how to apply the hairnet and create our sleek bun.