Sliding Sinker Rig

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tom Keer with Take Me Fishing discusses the correct way to make a sliding sinker rig.

    Tom Keiter: Hi! I am Tom Keiter with Take Me Fishing. Today we are going to talk about fishing rigs. A fishing rig is anything that connects to your line, it could be a hook, could be a sinker, or bobber, but it's a gear that you use to catch fish. Let's talk about the sliding sinker rig.

    The sliding sinker rig is an effective rig to suspend live bait just above the bottom and it's excellent when used in current. It prevents fish from feeling the weight to the line as it passes through the sinker.

    In this rig the sinker rest at the bottom of the water while the bait is suspended just above. For demonstration purposes I am going to use this brightly colored line. To make the sliding sinker rig, start by cutting off a 24 inch piece of monofilament line and use it as a leader.

    Next, tie the swivel to one tag end of the leader, then tie the hook to the other end of the leader and set it aside. A uni-knot works well for both the book and the swivel. Slide an egg shaped or barrel sinker on to your standing line which is the line that connects to your reel.

    Run that line to the swivel and attach with the uni-knot. Be sure that your sinker won't slide over the swivel, in the event that it does, add a stop bead in between sinker and the swivel. Once you have mastered the sliding sinker rig, you are ready to go fishing.