Smartphone Detox Stressful

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A new study conducted by software firm FrontRange revealed that attempting to detox from your smartphone can be as stressful as a trip to the dentists or your wedding day!

    According to the software firm


    FrontRange, smartphone addiction is on the rise.  In a survey


    conducted by the firm of over 800 smartphone owners, half of all


    smartphone owner admitted to having separation anxiety from their


    smartphone. Just how bad is the anxiety?  Well, they likened cell


    phone detox to “a trip to the dentist” or “their wedding day.”


    Researchers also had seven participants go through a week long


    phone detox. Subjects demonstrated a 39% increase in frustration


    levels in not getting to check email or social networking, but a 79%


    anxiety rise in not getting to call or text.  However, overall


    frustration levels did drop from the first day of the detox on Monday


    to the following Sunday showing that there is hope after all of


    weaning oneself off of your smartphone.