Smoked Salmon and Goat Cheese Omelet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Food Stylist Stephanie Rose demonstrates how to make a smoked salmon and goat cheese omelet.

    Stephanie Rose: Hi, I am Stephanie Rose and we are making awesome omelets today and we are just about to make another one of my favorites. This is going to be one with cold smoked salmons, Chevre which is goat cheese and it's very simple and that's it. We are going to start off with our basic egg mixture again and that's going to be three eggs, I have got two here already. I will crack it on the side and we are going to whisk it up, I am going to add a little bit of milk because I like the richness, maybe a little bit more, what the hay and little bit of pepper, freshly ground pepper and a little bit of salt, not too much because salmons are little salty anyway. I am going to mix that up good and again you don't need a lot of fillings, I am going to put that aside. Well we do have some beautiful smoked salmon and I like it not chopped up but just sliced in nice little ribbons, like this and you only need about maybe an ounce or two ounces, you can buy a little four ounce package for a five or six dollars and it actually can, you can really make it go far and then yummy, and I love Chevre and I just use the plain fresh goat cheese and you could just crumble it up so easily, like that. You don't want it in huge, huge chunks but just enough and again we are probably not going to use all of that. So you only need again maybe an ounce or two at the most. It's a very simple, it's a very light omelet, I makes me think of Mother's Day or just a real fancy Sunday brunch so you are going to pull out all the stubs in the smoked salmon and the expensive ingredients. So I think we are just about ready to get started. So I am going to go over to the stove and start cooking. So I am going to swirl this around in the pan, like so. Now the butter will melt all over everything and now again we are going to wait for the sides to start cooking. It's a slow process and all the egg batter is running underneath which is exactly what I wanted to do and when there is no more running over we are ready. I am going to add the cheese first, we only about an ounce or two. Now I think I am ready to put some of my salmon in. Again we only need about an ounce or two or even less, it's going to cook the salmon a little bit but you are still going to have that lovely delicate flavor. Isn't that a pretty color, the orange against the yellow. I am going take the spatula under here, it's a little tricky sometimes, I will do the fancy French full. Alright, this is the tricky part but you can see it's sliding out beautifully. So I am just going to put it there and then flip it over. Now we have our beautiful smoked salmon and Chevre omelet. Please come back and we are going to do another omelet, it's going to be an egg-white omelet, so it's lighter omelet with Shiitake Mushroom and feta cheese and spinach.