Smoothing Services for African American Women’s Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kevin Kirk, a professional hair stylist for 20 years, talks about how to use a smoothing service for African American women’s hair.

    Kevin Kirk: Hi! I am Kevin Kirk, a professional hair stylist for 20 years. I am here today to talk about how to use a smoothing service. Smoothing services are Alternative to Relaxer. The smoothing service that I'm going to use on Claire is the AntiCurl with Kerashine Conditioning by RUSK. This will allow me to transform her hair from a manageable and frizzy to silky and smooth.

    The first step in stage one is using a clarifying shampoo to remove unwanted debris, or free radicals. Make sure you towel dry to remove out access water from the hair. The next step is to apply stage one solution, and that's what we're going to do right now on Claire. We're going to take a half inch sections and apply down a fourth of an inch off her scalp, making sure that we use enough product to fully saturate her hair within her section, and a wide toothed comb, to comb it from the point of application to her ends.

    One of the questions that is frequently asked is how will my hair look once the six to eight weeks or so? Well, since this is a temporary service, you don't have to worry about new growth as you would with Relaxer. With this product, it will fade away. So your new growth will grow in as normal and as the product fades away, it would just return to its natural curl. So you don't have to worry about a line of demarcation with this product.

    Typically, it takes about an hour to do this service, but with Claire hair, probably an hour-and-a-half. If you have a client with real long and thick hair, you may want to allow an extra 30 minutes to do the service. But generally, this is a service that you can apply when your client is on their lunch break. So it makes it a very fast and easy service for both you and your client.

    Now one thing to remember, if you already have a Relaxer, this type of smoothing service would not be the best in your case, unless you plan on cutting or removing the old Relaxer. You do not want to mix a Relaxer with any type of dye or smoothing service. However, it's perfectly safe for color treat your hair, as long as the color treat your hair doesn't have hot lived blonde or a hot lived bleach. I know, in most cases we've been trying for so many years to use a Sodium Hydroxide Relaxer. But the truth that will matter, most of our textures of hair doesn't need such a harsh chemical to service us.

    This smoothening system, the AntiCurl would be perfect in half of the cases out there, and you can see the wonderful results that we have here with Claire. We took her virgin curls and made it to this beautiful soft silky hair that we see right here. Now for maintenance, all she has to do is to make sure she use a product, a shampoo, and conditioner that does not contain chloride or sodium, and she will be able to maintain this wonderful look up to six day week.

    Now ladies even guys, there is an alternative to Sodium Hydroxide Relaxer. Now make sure, you go to your licensed professional hairstylist to see if you're a candidate for a smoothing service.

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