Smoothing Services for Men

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Julie Marritt, professional hairstylist for over 10 years in the industry, as well as a platform hairstylist for a major manufacturing company, discusses hair smoothing services for men.

    Julie Marritt: Hello! My name is Julie Marritt; I'm a professional hairstylist for over 10 years now in the industry, as well as a platform hairstylist for a major manufacturing company. We're talking about smoothing services for the hair. Not only do women need a smoothing service for their hair to tame that unwanted frizz and curl, but men do as well.

    What men are looking for is versatility and flexibility, whether they're looking for fun, funky, shapes with those mohawks or more of the 70s California surfer look. They're looking to tame those shapes. What we are also finding is conservative businessmen like our executive Brad here; he is looking to tame his curl as well.

    As you can see, he has quite a bit of frizz so he can't go very long in-between each haircut. So the smoothing service I'm going to work on with Brad today is AntiCurl with Kerashine Conditioning. The Kerashine Conditioning portion is a large part of why I choose to use this service. The Kerashine is going to add shine as well as strength to Brad's hair.

    One thing that's really beneficial is the time it takes in the salon. It can be done within a lunchtime hour on shorter shapes, even faster than that. The price point for this service, although it depends on the salon as well as the hair texture, it can run at a low cost of anywhere between $55 to a $100 per service.

    So, now to start this smoothing service process we want to first clarify the hair with a nice gentle clarifying shampoo, to remove any excess natural oils on this hair and scalp, as well as any excess hair care products. Once we finished clarifying the hair, we then want gently towel dry the hair removing any further amount of moisture to that hair.

    Now we're going to go in with our AntiCurl working it all the way, right at the temple area. As you can see, there are many different smoothing services out there; some actually require the heat of a flat iron at high heats of 450 degrees. With short hair like Brad's, this would not be a service that would be able to be used on his hair length.

    For men who are very active and outdoorsy, surfers, skateboarders, runners, those of you with really curly hair, but want to maintain a great look, this is perfect for you. Now don't be afraid guys, nobody's ever going to know that you've had a smoothing service done on your hair, it's kind of grow out naturally.

    The great thing is you're never going to have that line of demarcation, like some traditional Japanese straighteners. It's going to gently and freely just remove itself out of your hair within 8 to 12 weeks. So you're never going to have a line of demarcation. Now the benefits of working with the AntiCurl is its Kerashine Conditioning.

    Although Keratin is going to strengthen Brad's hair with its Keratin complex, as well as give it lots of shine, which is very important while utilizing a smoothing service on the hair. So once you're finished with the service in the salon, you want to be sure to talk to your licensed stylist about what they're going to recommend as a take-home regiment.

    It's very important that you use the proper products in order to maintain these services. I am going to recommend to Brad, Deepshine Keratin, Shampoo, and Conditioner. What this is going to do is actually continuously infuse keratin into Brad's hair, so he can get the maximum benefit out of this smoothing service.

    So, now as you can see, we've finished with Brad's AntiCurl smoothing service. It's going to allow much more manageability every morning when he gets up. It's also going to extend the time in-between his haircut, because that expansion of his hair is reduced down. Everybody wants skinny slim hair and now even Brad can have it.

    Now don't worry guys, for those of you who color treat your hair as well, this process is completely gentle enough for your hair texture as well. You just want to be sure that you consult your licensed stylist in regards to what smoothing service you need. Now remember, the maintenance is all you want, as well as the versatility.

    So now going into my hairstyle, I'm going to work with a little bit of Texturizing Cream on Brad's hair, just to get his new texture a little bit more dimension and definition. Now that you have this new texture in your hair, you can wear those shapes that you've always wanted to, whether you're going for a tighter cleaner look, like a Business Executive like Brad, or something more funky and Avant-garde, it's all up to you, the choice is yours!