Smoothing Services – Safe and Effective Alternative to Relaxers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional hairstylist and winner of Bonner Bros. 2009, Kevin Kirk, discusses the alternatives to relaxers for African American women. Learn how hair smoothing services including Japanese, Brazilian and other demi-permanent curl adjusters and frizz fighters are a perfect alternative. Kirk will discuss costs, time, and benefits.

    Kevin Kirk: Hi! I am Kevin Kirk, a hair stylish for over 20 years. I travel the country all over representing different product companies. I'm also a three-time winner of Bronner Brothers and I've been featured in Chris Rock movie Good Hair.

    You know in Good Hair we talk a lot about relaxers, and the role they play in African-American community. As you know ladies, relaxers are made of Sodium hydroxide, more commonly known as Lye. Anyone that has gotten a relaxer have experienced a one-time another chemical burn, hair breakage or some type of hair thinning.

    Let me give you an option, there is a alternative to a Sodium hydroxide relaxer, we now have smoothening services that are demi-permanent and does not contain Sodium hydroxide.

    Typically these smoothening services last from six to eight weeks. They eliminate frizz, they make the hair more manageable and it's safer and easier than a Sodium hydroxide.

    Dependent on a manufacturer this smoothening systems will work in conjunction with color-treat a hair. But remember these are professional products and should be used by license hair-stylist only.

    The final benefit of a smoothening service is that it will dramatically cut down your styling time. There are two popular smoothening services for a African-American woman. First step to a Brazilian. To a Brazilian we allow the hair to go from curly to straight, and then the hair will feel silky and smooth. However, some Brazilians may contain formaldehyde which potentially can be dangerous for your health.

    Second, we have the non-permanent demi-smoothening service, the product that I use is the anti-curl with Kerashine Conditioning by Rusk. This service range between $150 to 300. Typically it lasts six to eight weeks and this product is formaldehyde-free.

    Claire is a perfect candidate. This is going to smooth out her curl, eliminate her frizz and make her hair more manageable.

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