Snowboarding – Straight Running Glide

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tomas Sbertoli, Director of Snowsports at Wintergreen Resort, demonstrates the basics of snowboarding including how to do the straight running glide.

    Tomas Sbertoli: Hi! I am Tomas Sbertoli, Director of Snowsports here at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia. Today I am teaching you how to snowboard. The next thing we are going to talk about snowboarding is just a straight running glide. Again, we are in a nice open area. We have got a real gentle hill and the back foot is free. We have got a nice open run up, so that we can just stand on the board, glide. Good athletic stance, don't worry about stopping. Let the board come to its own stop as you come down into the flat area. Just like so. It's good to practice up stance and balance, get comfortable with the gliding, and have a nice safe area to finish in. Once we have finished that, then we are going to go back up and we are going to try and strap in and do some heel side sliding and a little straight running.