Soap Making – Lining the Mold

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Soapmaker Karen Danella demonstrates how to make soap and how to line the mold.

    Karen Danella: Hello, I am Karen Danella with Cedarwood Soaps. Today we are showing you how to make soap.

    Okay, we already did our lye mixture that is out in the porch cooling. Now I am going to show how to line the mold. Okay this a -- oh first of all, you want to make sure that your countertop is covered with paper or newspaper because you don't want anything to spill or ruining your countertop. This is a wooden mold that I was fortunate enough to have a local carpenter make for me, but you can get these online, this is a 4 pound mold, which will hold my 64 ounces of soap and what you want to do is, use Freezer Paper not wax paper, believe me, I used wax paper once and it was a disaster. So use Freezer Paper and put the shiny side facing up.

    So, let's go ahead and I will show you how to do this and then I take the sides down, so they stay out of the way. Make sure it's crease stays really good, oops it's sticking on my fingers. Now, I need to get the side, I have the side piece here. Just fit that in well and tape it a lot, so, there is no way that the soap can leak out. Just a little bit more and when your soap is done this tape pulls right off, so you don't have to worry about tape all over the soap and there are all molds out there that you can use that you don't have to tape, there is just different shapes and sizes that depends what you want your soap to look like.

    Okay, so that's how you line the mold. Next I am going to show how to warm the oils for making soap.