Soap Making – Mixing Water and Lye

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Soapmaker Karen Danella demonstrates how to make soap and how to mix water and lye.

    Karen Danella: Hi, I am Karen Danella with Cedarwood Soaps. Today we are showing you how to make soap. Now I am going to show you, how to measure and mix the lye with the water. Okay first of all, we want to put the empty container on a scale and I already know, how much it depends on your recipe, how much lye that you use. My oils are already pre-measured. So I know exactly how much that I am supposed to use here and I am using 64 ounces of oil and I need 9.05 oz. of lye.  You could find recipes online, it depends on the recipe that you are using, as to how much lye that you will be using, there, perfect. Okay, wearing my safety goggles in case it splashes up. Here we go, stand back a little bit, you don't want to breath the fumes.

    For the recipe that I am using, I used about 24 ounces of water. The water that we are using for this is distilled water, so it's room temperature and when you pour the lye into the water. Remember you always want to pour the lye into the water and it causes a reaction and the mixture becomes extremely hot. So it's very important that you let it cool down to about 100 to 120 degrees, because the water like I said was distilled water and it's room temperature, but once you pour the lye into it, it's very hot and it is important to let it cool and I am going to sent that over on the side, where no children or pets can get it and I am going to let that cool to about 100 to a 120 degrees and then I am going to show you, how to mix it with the oil to make soap.