Soccer Drills for Kids – First Touch with the Outer Thigh

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Soccer expert Glenn Alpert demonstrates the soccer drills for First Touch with the outer thigh.

    Glenn Alpert

    After playing for many years, Glenn has been involved in all ages and abilities. After many years of commitment to improving his own level of play, he now is able to pass on his knowledge, experience, and passion for soccer to the next generation of players!

    Coaching Experience

    7 years of experience coaching youth of all ages and abilities

    Soccer Federation "B" License, NSCAA "Advanced National" Diploma       

    B.S. of Exercise Science, Salisbury University           Maryland District Coaching Staff, 3 years

    Has coached with: Arlington Travel Soccer Club, Vienna Youth Soccer (VA)

    Southside Youth Soccer (FL), Eastern Shore Sharks (MD)

    Assistant Coach 2005 Greater Washington U-17 Boys JCC Maccabi Games, Minneapolis

    Assistant Strength Coach (Women's soccer), Salisbury University        

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Playing Experience


    Academy, Bradenton

    U-23 Maccabi Carnival, Melbourne Australia, Gold medalist

    Maryland Major Soccer League Div. 1 and 2, Baltimore

    Trained with UMBC (University of Maryland-Baltimore County), NCAA Division 1

    Trained with Salisbury University, NCAA Division 3

    Glenn Alpert: Hi, this is Glenn Alpert with Arlington Travel Soccer Club. Now, we are going to talk about using the first touch with the outside of the thigh. So, I have the soccer ball I am going to toss it up to myself, we are going to use the outside of the thigh to move laterally away from pressure. Notice I am not having it in the center, I am actually using the outside of the thigh, about where my stripes are on my shots. Okay, toss me the soccer ball Adam, once more.

    So, I am able to move to the side. Now, Adam toss it to yourself, good. Now, William will toss you the ball stand about right here. Okay, ready now move with your first touch away from pressure. Let's do that again, ready. Once more, watch out Adam, where he actually moves to this side, very good that's better. Okay, one more time and then we are done. Okay, ready William, now move this way, one more time. Alright, next we are going to talk about using our chest with our first touch soccer training.