Soccer – Finishing a Break Away

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Soccer coach Tamir Linhart demonstrates how to play soccer and how to finish a break away.

    Tamir Linhart: Hi, I am Tamir Linhart, owner of Golden Boot Soccer and I am here to teach you how to score soccer goals. Now many goals in soccer are scored on a break away. Now one on one with a keeper, it's only you and the keeper. It becomes a mind game. Few things you want to remember when you approach the goal and the keeper comes out. First, you don't want to shoot the ball too early, because you are loosing the advantage of having the break away, you are too far away from the goal. However you don't want to shoot the ball too late and let the keeper come out and cut the angle. So, when the keeper comes out, he's going to try to cut the angle. When he comes out, he's going to make the goal that small because he blocks all the goal, he keeps -- there are no corners to shoot to. Any ball that you'll shoot that goes to the side of this little goal will go out of bounds and you won't be able to score.

    The best time to shoot the ball when the keeper comes towards you is when the keeper is on the run, when he is running towards you. The reason is, again you are not too close to the goal, to the goalkeeper but at the same time, you are not shooting it too early. Now, another reason is, the keeper is running in order to dive down, they have to set both feet on the ground and then dive. That split second of going from a running position to a stand still position, again you can use it to shoot the ball, it's going to take them time to actually go down and save it. Let's demonstrate. Yes, the keeper comes out, that's the time I want to shoot when he is on the run. Now if the ball gets closer to the goalkeeper, it's not the end of the world, you can still score a goal. What happens when the ball comes closer to the keeper many goalkeepers will go on the ground in order to block your shot.

    In this situation, you are able to chip the ball over the keeper into the goal. The way to chip the ball is by using your toes or the side of your toes and go really under the ball without following through, the ball will bounce over the keeper. Let's demonstrate. Another thing we can do when a keeper is really close to us is actually dribble by them and the best way to do it is actually fake a shot with the inside of the foot to one corner and then drag the ball towards the other side and shoot it with the opposite foot. Let's see how to do it. Again, take a shot and then go by the keeper and finish.

    These are some of the ways you can use to finish your break away in soccer. You can shoot it early as we demonstrated or you can wait till the keeper comes closer to you. You can chip, dribble by the keeper and finish with the shot.