Soccer – Placing the Ball with Accuracy

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Soccer coach Tamir Linhart demonstrates how to play soccer and how to place the soccer ball with accuracy.

    Tamir Linhart: Hi, I am Tamir Linhart, owner of Golden Boot Soccer and I am here to teach you how to score goals in soccer. When you come closer to the goal, there is no need to put too much power. Here placement, accuracy is more important than power. The best part of the foot to use to place the soccer ball with more accuracy is the inside of the foot. The reason, it's a bigger surface, it's a flat surface, easier to make contact with the ball. There are different ways you can use to place the ball when you come closer to your target. Today again I am going to teach you only three of four scenarios, three or four ways you can do it.

    First one again is just placing the soccer ball with the inside, the simplest way. If you get the ball at this position, just roll it to one of the sides, just place it. You want to try to aim to the side net, that will be the easiest way, keeper usually will not be able to get. Next one, you want to add a little bit of a fake. When you get the ball around here, you can fake a power shot. When you fake a power shot keeper freezes. When the keeper freezes you can then play the ball to the side, to the side net, it takes time for the keeper to react. It's going to be just like that. Pretend a power shot and place it to the corner. You want to make the keeper freeze by almost like scaring them with the power shot, yes.

    Next one, you can use your hips to get the keeper to go one way or at least lean one way and loose their balance. I can point my hips one way, keeper will loose their balance and I can place it the other way. The next one, same thing really exaggerate your move, exaggerate your aiming, . You see I am turning my hips, I really take half a second more to give the keeper time to react and then I go the other way.

    The next one is the bending shot, some of us call it the Banana Kick. The best player in the world to bend the ball is David Beckham. Most of us can't bend it as well as him, but we can all try, right? Again, when you bend the ball you want to approach the ball in an angle. Point your toes, your non-kicking foot towards the target, towards the corner. You then want to use, the side of your pinky, right here. It's still a part of the inside of the foot, but again it's closer to the upper part or the right side of the foot. Again you want to plant your foot closer to your -- closer to the ball, towards the target. You want to hit the side of the ball to create the bend and follow through in a bending motion in order to create that curve.

    If you are able to make that curve, you want to try to aim maybe a yard or two to the outside of the goal. The keeper will never be able to save it, many of them won't even try and in the last second, the ball will curve towards the goal. There was a slight bend, keeper thought maybe the ball will go out and the ball curved into the goal. Those are some of the ways you can use to place the ball with the inside of the foot when you get closer to the soccer goal with more accuracy and precision.