Soccer – Turning to Goal

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Soccer coach Tamir Linhart demonstrates how to play soccer and how to turn to the soccer goal.

    Tamir Linhart: Hi, I am Tamir Linhart, owner of Golden Boot Soccer and today I am going to teach you how to score goals in soccer. To get into a scoring position, you can either do it on your own, when you face the player or you can do it when you are standing with the back to the goal. It is very important for soccer players to be able to play with the back to the goal as an offensive player.

    When I have the player behind me, if I am attacking the goal behind me, the main thing is to know where the defender is. One of the way to realize where the defender is, is by actually feeling the defender. So, I am going to first initiate a contact by actually leaning back on the defender. As you can see I am standing in an angle. The reason, if I'll stand straight, the defender will be able to kick the ball and get it between my legs. If I am going to stand sideways, I am making myself thin, the defender can come around me and get the ball. So I am going to stand in an angle, my right foot is away from the defender, so I am going to make contact away, so he won't be able to take it. As soon as the ball come towards me, in the last second I am going to decide if I go to the right or to the left using the inside of the foot or the outside of the foot. Lets demonstrate, leaning on the defender, yes, and in the last second making that turn. Let's do it again, leaning on the defender, and in the last second make that turn and finish with the shot on goal.

    The other one we can use is what I call a Turtle Turn, because I am going to pretend as if I am very slow. What I'll do is, when the ball comes towards me, I am going to fake as if I am making a slow move, I am going to pause a little bit and also I am going to fake as if I am taking a touch forward away for the goal. What will happen then in most cases is the defender will try to actually go around me and steal the ball away from me. At that point, instead of taking a touch back, I am going to take a really soft touch and go the other way, and go the other way. Let's do it again. Lean on the defender and go the other way. Another variation of this move, is by actually letting the ball go through my legs. Fake and go, back off, let's do it again. Lean on the defender, go towards the ball and go behind the ball. These are some ways you can use to get by an opponent, when you play with the back to the soccer goal.