Softball Flaws and Fixes – Poor Stance and Launch Position

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Softball coach Suzy Willemssen discusses poor stance and launch position.

    Suzy Willemssen: Hi, I am Suzy Willemssen and I am Head Coach for the 18 under Blue Jays Gold, 18 and under ASA Junior Olympic Fast Pitch softball Team and right now we are going to discuss poor stance that is essential to setting everything for your hitting mechanics and that's what we are talking today is common hitting flaws and some fixes. So I have got Megan here. What we want to make sure is that you have a good leverage with your base and by that you can see if Megan and this is very common, a lot of players they will start too far back. So we almost have like a 90 degree angle from her head to her back foot. What you can do with your players to make sure they have a good, firm base is to come up in front of them and if you can push them over, they are not going to have a good, stable base. Just get everything set so when they want to start their swing, they are going to have power and quickness. So what we want to check is to make sure and we are using Megan again here that we have almost like 70 degree angle from her head to her foot and you are just going to get in front of your softball player and right there when Megan starts her swing, she is going to have a good base, she is going to get power and she is going to have some quickness.