Softball Flaws and Fixes – Stays on Backside or Collapses

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Softball coach Suzy Willemssen discusses softball stays on backside or collapses.

    Suzy Willemssen: Hi! It's Suzy Willemssen and this is Megan Fouse. I coach the 18 under Blue Jays Gold, 18 and under ASA Junior Olympic Fast Pitch softball Team and on this drill we are going to be working on getting some rhythm and making sure we don't collapse on our backside or stay on our backside. So my players actually call this the Happy Gilmore Drill, some coaches call it the walk up drill.

    As you notice -- as Megan will demonstrate we are work in a nice fluid motion and we make sure that when we are hitting the ball we want to be rotating around our front hip. So Megan will demonstrate again fluid rotating around the front hip, a nice rhythmic action; here is Happy Gilmore.

    Again, you can see how great this drill is for making sure your player is rotating around that front hip, hitting off a nice firm front side and we certainly aren't collapsing. So it gives us good nice, clean, line drive; everything we hit will be nice and hard.