Softball – How to Bunt

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Softball coach Suzy Willemssen demonstrates how to bunt in softball.

    Suzy Willemssen

    Suzy is an instructor at the Frozen Ropes Baseball/Softball facility in Chantilly, VA, the head coach of Blue Jays Gold, an 18u ASA junior olympic team and is also the Varsity Softball Head Coach at Chantilly HS. Prior to the Chantilly position, she was the Assistant Varsity Softball Coach for West Springfield High School from 2003-2005 and the Assistant Junior Varsity Softball Coach in 2002. In 2004 Suzy was awarded the Patriot District Assistant Coach of the Year. Suzy played softball at the University of Iowa where she majored in physical education. She has worked numerous softball camps and clinics throughout the Northern VA area and is known for her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for the game.

    Hi, I am Susie Willimson and I am a Travel Ball in high school ball softball coach. Aaron is going to be helping me demonstrate some basic fastpitch softball skills. In this one, we are going to be talking about bunting and, in particular, a sacrifice bunt. Bunting in fastpitch softball is huge, you get a dominating pitcher on the mount, you got be able to get that ball, put it in play and you get your teammates on base, your job with the sacrifice bunt is to move her to the next base. You are giving yourself up to move your teammate and you got to be able to execute this skill. So again, whether you are the number four batter in your team or the number eight batter in team, you got to be able to get down the sacrifice bunt. So, lets review some of the key principal elements to good sacrifice bunt. You want to make sure that you are up in the box and what will happen here is that when you make contact with the ball, you have a greater chance of it being fair, often personal type sacrifice bunt and the way back. They might have put it down but the ball is going to end up being in fault territory. So again, you want to be up in the box. As you can see Aaron here, shes got the bat at the top of the strike zone. This will also help you because if anything is higher than your hand you know its not going to be a strike and in sacrifice bunt, we want to bunt strikes. We will take a look that will move our teammate as well. So, top of the strike zone is where you want the bat. Youll also notice that the bat is pretty much horizontal. You can have a slight angle to it, thats not a problem. We certainly dont want this type of angle with the bat. So, pretty much horizontal. You will notice that Aarons bottom hand is down at the knob of the bat and shes got her top hand, her fingers are cupped and behind the bat. Again, this will ensure that our hands, our fingers wont get hit by the ball. She has got a firm grip. She doesnt have a death grip on the bat, but she has a nice, firm handle grip with her hands. Her eyes are down, and at times are looking out, at times, I will tell my players to pretend they're smelling the bat. Again, we want to get the eyes as close to the level of the bat, again, that will help them be able to read their pitch. We want the bat out in front and in addition, you can see with Aaron, her weight is on her front leg and her knees are nice and relaxed and flexed, but you want your weight on that front leg; as we talked about we have the bat at the top of the strike zone, so, pitchers that are going to be lower in our strikes -- again, we are going to use our knees to go down and move the bat. We do not want to be dropping the bat head because if we drop the bat head then we are going to get a pop up. So, keep the bat horizontal, use your legs, use your knees to go down and get balls that are lower than the bat and that are still in the strike zone and also a good way to think about when you want to make contact with the ball is to pretend you are trying to catch the ball with the bat, so that will give you just a little bit of give again, you have the bat out in front, but just a little bit of give the kind of deaden it a little bit, so it will make it a much tougher a play for the defense. Again, bunting is all about attitude. Your one job is I am going to get this ball down on the ground and I am going to move my teammate. So, these are just some essentials that you need to keep in mind when youre trying to execute a good sacrifice bunt.