Sombré: The New Ombré Trend That Looks Gorgeous on Everyone

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    What is sombré? First, let’s take it back to the OG trend: ombré. It’s every lazy girl’s dream: let your roots grow out and, essentially, you’ve got the look. (One of the trend’s redeeming qualities.) Over the past few years, we’ve seen this look go from dip-dyed ends to drastic color pairings – deep black roots with platinum-blond ends or red with brunette – and now it’s time to refresh yet again! Sombré, known also as “soft” or “subtle ombré,” incorporates lighter shades in a more natural way. Instead of dramatic colors paired together, your base color casually transitions into lighter shades by strategically placed highlights around the face, which cascade into heavy highlights at the ends. It’s a look we’re seeing on some of our favorites hair color muses like Kate Mara, Mila Kunis, and Lily Collins, so we went straight to the source – their hair colorist, Denis de Souza – to learn who’s a candidate for the look, how to maintain it at home, and how often you need touch-ups.

    Kirbie Johnson: It's Kirbie and I am here with my coworker Lauren.

    Lauren Sofair: Hi!

    Kirbie Johnson: We are at Andy Lecompte Salon, because Lauren told everybody what we are doing today.

    Lauren Sofair: I am getting ombre or a subtle soft sombre.

    Kirbie Johnson: Yeah you are, girl and you're going to get great company because stars like Kate Mara and Mila Kunis have both been supporting this trend all summer long. So we are talking to their colorist and what you should ask for to get this look, so are you ready?

    Lauren Sofair: So ready.

    Kirbie Johnson: Let's go.

    Lauren Sofair: Yeah.

    Kirbie Johnson: So Denis what is the main distinction between sombre and ombre?

    Denis de Souza: Well ombre as everybody knows now it's really that drastic dark roots and then really bright ends, so it's very contrasty. Sombre, it fades into the beautiful brighter tips, but it's more natural and it goes with every single color everyone can try, red hairs, brunettes, blondes, it really suits everyone.

    Kirbie Johnson: Perfect! So anyone can try it. I love that.

    Denis de Souza: Everyone.

    Kirbie Johnson: Alright. So you are going to your colorist to get sombre. How should you prepare?

    Denis de Souza: I always make sure to bring photos with you of your favorite celebrities that has that sort of hair because then you don't get lost in translation with your colorist.

    Kirbie Johnson: And you do Kate Mara and Mila Kunis, so those are two great examples to bring in, right?

    Denis de Souza: Those are two perfect examples to bring in.

    Kirbie Johnson: Okay. Then how long does sombre take?

    Denis de Souza: Anywhere from an hour to two hours, so be prepared always have the time and don't try to rush your colors, very important.

    Kirbie Johnson: And finally is Lauren here, a candidate for somber? Denis de Souza: She is the perfect candidate. Hello! Let's get started.

    Kirbie Johnson: Yeah, let's go! Denis I noticed that you are using foils on her hair and usually for ombre hair color, you do the balayage technique, right?

    Denis de Souza: Correct!

    Kirbie Johnson: So why are foils important for this look?

    Denis de Souza: Because we are going for more natural look, we really want the highlights to blend in with her natural color, so the foils are the best for this particular look.

    Kirbie Johnson: And it's going to help it keeping more effortless looking, right?

    Denis de Souza: Exactly, yes.

    Kirbie Johnson: Okay. So how often do you have to come in to maintain your sombre hair color?

    Denis de Souza: This is such a luminous look, I would say anywhere from 8-12 weeks.

    Kirbie Johnson: Oh my gosh! That's amazing.

    Denis de Souza: It's great. It's so good for the health of your hair, from the look and for your pocket as well.

    Kirbie Johnson: So you don't have to come in for another 2-3 months.

    Lauren Sofair: Amazing!

    Denis de Souza: So good.

    Kirbie Johnson: Lauren, I love your hair. Denis, great job. Denis de Souza: You look so beautiful.

    Lauren Sofair: I know, thank you so much.

    Denis de Souza: I am happy you like it.

    Lauren Sofair: So how do I maintain this at home?

    Denis de Souza: Well, Sulphur-free shampoo for color treated hair. It's very important and a good mask that will put the moisture back into the hair. RevitaLuxe by Joico is my best recommendation.

    Kirbie Johnson: Well, thank you so much Denis.

    Denis de Souza: Thank you!