Soup Recipes – Sheri’s Hungarian Stew

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Sheilah Kaufman demonstrates how to make Hungarian stew, a modification of a Guljas soup.

    Sheilah Kaufman: This is Sheri's Hungarian stew, and we are using canola oil which is heart healthy and has a very high smoke point and is very versatile for cooking, baking, frying, anything you would need a good oil for. These are the ingredients you will need. 1/3 G canola oil1 large sweet white onion, chopped1 T. sweet paprika1 T. smoked paprika2 T. hot paprika, optional2 lb. beef, cubed2 green peppers, cut into small cubes1 (16-oz) can diced sliced tomatoes6 medium potatoes, peeled and diced in 1/2-inch cubes2 G Chicken broth, or as needed Topping: 1 garlic clove2 tsp. caraway seeds 2 tsp. lemon zestSaltFreshly ground black pepperIn a large ovenproof stock pot, you are going to have oil. When the oil is hot, we are going to add the onions and we are going to saut it and then we are going to add our paprikas. Remember, the hot paprika is optional, and then we're going to add beef. We want to get it really, really mixed well. You can hear it sizzling, and we are just going to cook this until all the pink disappears. It doesn't take very long for the meat to begin to turn brown. Doesn't have to cook all the way through; remember this is going to go in the over for about two-and-a-half hours. So you just wanted nicely seared. We want to sear in all the flavors with the things that we put in here so far. Once it's nicely browned, we are going to add our green pepper, our diced tomatoes. We are going to add our potatoes. I am going to stir it really good. We want everything coated in this wonderful peppered oil. And lastly, we are going to add chicken broth. When everything is mixed and the flavors are married, put in the oven. This is baked for two-and-a-half hours. Now the soups come out of the oven and this is the point where you decide, I want more chicken broth or I like this nice and thick, more like a stew than like a soup. It's up to you; you want to taste the seasoning and see if you need to add salt and pepper to taste and we are going to add the optional topping.

    Now the topping, we took a garlic clove, we took some caraway seeds. We took some salt, some pepper and some lemon zest. We just chopped it up or you can put it in a mortar and pestle, and before serving, we are just going to sprinkle this all across the top of our wonderful, wonderful Hungarian stew. Oh my Gosh! I wish you could taste this. Well, you can; you can make it at home.